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December 9th & 10th

A Festival for Action, Fantasy & Sci-fi creators!

Welcome to GainesCon - The Virtual Shorts Edition 2! 


This is a film festival geared to the diversity and wonderment of the independent Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy filmmaker. We are excited to present amazing short stories from around the world. 


As moviemakers ourselves, we understand the difficulty in completing a film. We know it’s not just about how much money was spent on a project, but how it was told. It’s about the story and heart being applied that makes it amazing. Which is why we have a slew of categories you can apply to. 


Within the spirit of independent creativity, we have also made “No Budget, No Problem”. It is meant for shorts that had a budget of 1,500.00 or less to work with. 

We will also have a costume contest to extend the notoriety of those who want to share their love and excitement of their favorite character. 


Also send in your short screenplay and have us indulge in your world that only words can describe. 


Having all these amazing content under one event won’t be fitting unless there was a way to award those who with exceptional material. So there will be an awards ceremony on the last day. These awards will be called the “Dragon Awards” awards for categories such as Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Action Sequence, etc. 


Then to cap off the ceremony, we'll announce the winner of the “Dragon Award” for “Best Picture”. This award includes a great chance of online distribution with some of our closest partners. We hope to see you soon. 



These are awards will be presented virtually on the last day of the event to the creators who's work shine bright this year.

The choices are always tough to decide due to all the incredible work we have the honor of reviewing. So we pay very close attention to every aspect of your film to help us make the right choice. We know filmmaking is a tough game to be a part of but satisfaction of completing your vision out weighs it all. 

So keep building new worlds and let your magic of storytelling speak for its self .


This beautiful statue created by David Jennings is bestowed onto the filmmaker who's film demonstrates most dynamic form of storytelling. The red color symbolizes the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the art of filmmaking. 


This brilliant statue created by our artist David Jennings is given to all the winners of each category. 

EXCEPT for Best Picture, Best Movie Trailer, Best Action Sequence, Best Screenplay, and Best "No Budget, No Problem"


This exceptional certificate with a special packaging will go to the winners for Best Movie Trailer, Best Cosplay, Best Action Sequence, Best Screenplay & Best "No Budget, No Problem". 

Certificate example.png
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Thank You and Welcome To GainesCon!

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